HAVEN looks like a smoke detector…

…but works as a heat-activated fire extinguisher.

When every second counts.

When every second counts, this unique product can clear the path to safety.

The HAVEN is a revolutionary new product that installs in your ceiling, and when activated by heat it automatically fights the fire without water. It can provide you and your family the extra seconds to safely exit your home, reduce the damage and mess of a fire, and each HAVEN unit provides effective fire suppression to a 16′ x 16′ area.

Product Features

HAVEN gives you peace of mind

  • Superior fire suppressant technology inspired by a firefighter’s experience and insights gained on the job
  • Promises extra time for residents to escape a fire by protecting the egress zone for a safer exit
  • This is a revolutionary technology with the potential to raise the bar on fire defence in the residential home market
  • Technology has a heat-related trigger so won’t be activated by false alarms (burnt toast, etc.)